Wednesday, April 7, 2010

US Government Must Speak Out Clearly

the photo is taken by Ben Razbach

This is the Egyptian democracy..who dares to say the opposite

The Coalition of Egyptian Organizations in U.S.A

US Government Must Speak Out Clearly in Support of Reform and Against Repression in Egypt
April 6, 2010

In an egregious violation of the freedoms of assembly and expression, Egyptian police arrested and beat dozens of peaceful demonstrators today. Commemorating the third anniversary of the April 6 strike, Egyptians gathered outside the People’s Assembly (Egyptian parliament) to peacefully demonstrate and to call for constitutional amendments to make upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections more free and fair. The courageous demonstrators came to the demonstration and participated, in spite of threats and warnings from Egyptian security, who threatened to use the emergency law, in place for 30 years, against them.

The Coalition of Egyptian Organizations holds the Egyptian Minister of Interior personally responsible for the violations that transpired today, whether to the person of any of the demonstrators or for any act in violation of the law, and calls for the immediate prosecution of those who were involved in the attack, including the head of Cairo State Security.

The assault did not only target political and human rights activists from the April 6 movement. Presidential candidate Ayman Nour and his supporters were held hostage in Nour’s office and were assaulted by police when they tried to join the protest. The Egyptian police also assaulted many journalists covering the event and confiscated their equipment. In addition, the government initiated cyber attacks against opposition websites, including the April 6 group website and web sites supporting Mohamed El Baradei’s presidential candidacy in 2011.

The Coalition believes that these actions are a clear indication of what the Egyptian government intends to do in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections. It is clear that no legitimate elections can take place in Egypt without revoking the emergency status and taking serious steps to ensure political and public freedoms. It is likewise clear that the US government must support Egyptians in their valiant and peaceful efforts to make their homeland more pluralistic

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