Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spy Cameras in Mosques

I think no one from Egypt forget his family alerts
, his school ,the Sheik of the mosque, and even the professor of religion about the importance of this verse from Quraan:
Don't spy... it was the first verse we had been taught that it became one of the Person's instructions which engraved deeply in his personality that spying on people is forbidden or haraam

The mosque is the house of God in which we learn and recite his words and orders not spying
How come the God's house becomes a place of spying on the worshipers and preachers with cameras hanging from the ceiling of which broadcast directly on the internet in complete secrecy as the news said.when the secret unveiled, A government Military contingent to lie started to spread in the media to give justifications and excuses worse than sins.vulgar , cheap and contradictory excuses

There are those who said that the cameras had not been put to spy on the worshipers, but preachers ..its a joke

Another official said the cameras have existed for a long time ago so why now...


The official , said that those cameras were added after the president's speech .. the development and modernization in the context of the president's speech hinting in a way that: who dares to object the directives of the President ..

Mubarak in his speech didn't say put cameras in the mosques to spy on the people if he would have said after the speech I wish you tell the people least as long as the cameras as we knew lately that those cameras are bought from their money ,their donations to the mosques for charity without telling them.

surprisingly the Muslim Brotherhood said that it is an American scheme.

Their websites dealt with the news as if there was a poll which is still under consideration, the Minister of Awqaf it is the ministry concerned with mosques and religious education in Egypt issued a decision to place cameras in mosques and this controversial resolution and this raised the debates and boiling on this resolution, giving the reader a sense of the news that the resolution was not implemented yet and there is a community dialogue about it

The origin of the tale ..... search for the interior ministry

Cameras mounted for a long time ago since when only God knows and of course the Minister of Interior

Security was stable and the Internet was broadcasting, officers watching and Egyptians do not know then something happened two women entered El Saida Zeinab mosque to get rid of a little baby girl and left her in the mosque between the prayers and went out of the mosque quickly .. the usual prayers and mosque officials took the girl to deliver to the police station ... the intelligent officers told the people they will catch the women by the spying cameras which are fixed in the mosque

that's how the secret revealed and by the way:they didn't catch the ladies

Now I have three questions:

Question one To every religious man: When you teach this verse to children inside the mosque, what would you do to justify the existence of spy camera inside the mosque for them, My second question Addressed to the leaders of the nation and specially Al-Azhar Sheik : Will you delete the verse _:DON'T SPY ..... and spied a matter that necessity knows no law or by way of matchmaking or will be maintained on the basis that the origin of spyware is publicity exactly like marriage in our religion

My third Addressed to the one who took the decision: Is this work coincided with the same activity in churches as a principle of equality or you are waiting until demonstrations and vigils calling for equality of spying between the two elements of the nation
I ask every sane person in this country for fear of sedition to quickly put spy cameras, inside all the Egyptian churches so our Christian brothers do not feel discrimination and persecution that we can find expatriate Copts with hidden agendas start to strike the security of this homeland

In any place in Egypt, smile you are monitored

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