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The Shameful Truth "what happened in Egypt"

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what happened in Egypt 
last 6 April was by all means a scandal that revealed the ugly face of Mubarak regime ,if u compare it with the last strikes in 2009 and 2008 u 'll find out that they getting more Savage than before specially against women which exposed to sexual harassment, beating,physical and verbal abuses , taking off their clothes

This is an Article written by:

D/Osama AL-Ghazaly Harb the leader of
The Democratic Front Party
Explaining in details How was the scene?

Osama Al-Ghazaly Harb:

11 / 4 / 2010
Events which took place at noon on Tuesday in Tahrir Square Kasr El Aini Street, downtown Cairo, which included confrontation by Egyptian security forces for nearly two hundred young activists, who wanted to attend a rally or a protest in memory of the events of April 6, 2008 in Mahalla al-Kubra, can not be to pass in transit!

Not because these events prompted the Organization of «Human Rights Watch» interest to declare its condemnation of «the illegal brutality», by which the security forces dispersed the demonstrators and detained 91 of them.

And not because Amnesty International criticized - because of that- the Egyptian government on the violence that has dealt against the youth who were expressing their protest through
legitimate peaceful means !

And not just because the U.S. State Department released by its spokesman 

- John Crawley - a statement saying that 

(the Americans are deeply concerned about the arrests that happened in Egypt under emergency law, and the Egyptian government has to allow the right to all Egyptians, to express their political views in a peaceful manner, with the resulting consequences, and that the United States believes that it should allow all individuals to exercise freedoms recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Egyptian people should be able to participate in the political process, and be able - in the end - to determine who will participate and win the next election)

And not because the Egyptian Foreign Ministry issued a statement ((brave)) rejects
U.S. State Department a statement saying it«contained a running in the internal affairs of Egypt without knowledge or expertise» (?!!)

On the basis that the statement would address some of the arrests carried out by the Egyptian security services for a number of participants in the demonstration!, «And ignore the fact that detainees have been released by a decision of the General Attorney », and the statement «dealt with other internal matters of Egyptian comes in a way out of the ordinary and does not accept from Egypt» (?!!).

These events can be in transit to it - before and after all - received Floodlight authoritarian anti-democratic nature of the regime in Egypt, and on the border that can not be crossed in «allow» the freedoms of expression and the political opposition! And the brutal
and backward police practices , which is still currently used in dealing with those who try to exercise those freedoms guaranteed by the law and the Constitution and international covenants on human rights.

It is ironic, here, that a statement attributed to
the Ministry of the Interior stated :
«What has been resorted to is not linked at all (?!!) with Freedom of expression, or confiscating the right to take protesting stances or escalate political or sectarian demands , as claimed by the elements involved in this move, because a lot of positions have become available as long as the protest took a legal framework or appearance which does not affect the security considerations »?!.

The statement here refers to many social protest movements, economic, factional, which are known in Egypt recently, which represented in protest groups of employees or workers or peasants, who were driven by circumstances and
miserable economic pressures to mob and sit on the sidewalks, near the People's Assembly and Shura Council, or in front of the concerned ministries .
In other words, the statement wants to say - in short - an economic and social protest .. Possible, while political protests, and calling for constitutional reforms ... Etc., this is what is not allowed.

Therefore, not surprising that the mobilization to meet the hundred or a little more than young men and women activists in the movement of April 6, who also (
a lot of them) belongs to political parties (eg Democratic Front, and Al-Ghad, and The Socialist Revolutionaries Movement ... etc.), hundreds of officers and soldiers of the Central Security , and many of the leaders of the Ministry of Interior of the generals, deans, and colonels,both «State Security» or regular police! Who were waiting for young people in the heart of Cairo, according to a deliberate intention and planned to hunt these young people and humiliate them and teach them a lesson they think more than once, before returning to repeat what they have done.

In other words, the issue is not that these young people 
«that have been released by a decision of the Attorney-General  »as The statement of Foreign Affairs, which suggests that the law has taken its course, did not increase subject to detention for a day or two or even a few hours, but the issue is that shameful dealing dozens of young people (including girls) have received to be a lesson to any man tempted to take care of the affairs of his homeland, and to exercise their legitimate right to express their political opinion.

hus, in Eltahrir square, Kasr El Aini Street in the heart of Cairo, the police and the security of the state, engaged in their«High» mission : to arrest those young rioters, and sophistication in abusing, insulting, and humiliating them.

When I use here the expression «shame», I mean it perfectly!

If we go on with the
Ministry of the Interior in its logic to the end, and admitted that it has the right to prevent demonstrations in a particular place and a certain timing, What has done and what are still doing now by its apparatus will remain a matter for questioning and accountability!

For example, can the police in a democratic civilized country, I would not say America, or Britain, or France, but I say India, or Malaysia, or even for Lebanon,do such police actions in Egypt?
The details of what happened to the young people in Egypt on Tuesday, April 6th is filled by the newspapers (I mean of course the independent press!) Does not need restating, but I will just refer to some events of significance:
Is it not a shame!!
 , and disgusting, that university professors is subjected to , (who are assumed that they are interested in building Egyptian youth, and refined his character, and pays attention to the development of his country ).. To the logic of a security ,
with the help of the security they organize a concert considerably for the second year for one of young singers, in the same day -6 April - at the University of Ain Shams, carrying a message that is hidden content for each university student, in order to draw his attention and interest not only to political issues (the thorny and dangerous) but to enjoy the singing and witty?!

Is not it a shame!!
- for example - to detain (A. F), one of April 6 activists in the garage opposite the Shura Council (a place where they detained several protesters before being deported to a camp on the way (Egypt - Ismailia), and compelled by the police officers to take off his pants, searching for a «slide Mobile»?! and when one of the girls in detention refused and commented on what is happening to them, the policeman told her: «.. If you do not want to watch, come at the back ?!

Is it not a shame!!
that the female police officers took Ms. (G. A), university graduate and a member of the Democratic Front Party, in the same garage in front of all in search of a slide-Mobile in her underwear?

Is it not a shame!!
what happened also for the girl (G. A), along with the student (S. S), a female activist in Al-Ghad Party ? The duo was taken with the rest of those arrested in a deportations car to the camp called(peace) for Security Central services in Ismailia road, but the accompanying officers discovered that the camp has no place for reservation of women, what they did with them? they took them - after spending two hours in the prison infirmary - to the Department of Police (peace), who refused to extradite them.

All this is happening while the passers-by and entering and coming out of the police department staring at these ""two accused», as if they were Killers or hookers, or at best conditions thieves.

At this time, arrived a young officer of S S I said to him «Adham Basha»?!
To resolve the situation! Along with three men (of Trustees of the police or informers) and started cursing and swearing ugliest words, and threatened them saying that :
(I will throw you out of the car completely naked ! )With the threats of sexual assault, and variations of dirty insults, according to the maximum allowed by the reader's imagination.

And the fixtures
move in the desert at about 8.30 pm, and in an isolated area just slowed the car the informants jumped from the car pulling (S. S) from her leg to fall to the ground, and then complete the dumping (G. A) Also, and kick the girls by their legs to remove them away of the moving vehicle , then they moved quickly, leaving the two girls thrown on the sand of the dark desert ! «Adham Basha» went to for his subordinates, his success in this process to maintain the «security of the State».

The poor girls , tried to regain their power, and stared in the darkness of the desert, till they saw a private car passing by in it two of the young people they took them to the position of the X bus station in the outskirts of Nasr city, but the two young men refused to give them any data for fear of brutal security because they helped them !

The girls had lost cell phones because (Adham Basha)
to give them back to them, saying :
«If I gave you the phone I would be a (..x..)! If you have a real man to dare to talk to me send him ».
they had only a taxi ride to the center of «Hisham Mubarak» for Human legal rights to tell their story, the story of shame, 

The shame which hangs over Egypt!

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