Friday, April 23, 2010

All in Solidarity with 2 May Labor Protest

All in Solidarity with 2 May Labor Protest

Together to enforce the ruling, binding the President and Prime Minister to set a minimum fair wage:

21606: A landmark ruling

Obliging the Egyptian government to set a minimum fair wage in the community.

The Egyptian working class got a landmark ruling, No. 21606 , Obliging the President and the Prime Minister and the National Council for wage setting minimum fair wage in the community, and the center has provided the documents, within the case: A study by the economic researcher Ahmed El Naggar pointed out the possibility of increasing wages in the community through the current budget of the State, and another study from The Centre for Information and Decision Support: explained the historical evolution of the minimum wage in Egypt, which was officially terminated on 35 pounds under Law 53 of 1984.

The Egyptian Center for economic and social right has pleaded for Naji Rashad:
(A leading labor in south of Cairo mills), which suit demanding the implementation of the provisions of the Constitution of Egypt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Arab Charter on Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social rights, which included provisions for the need to develop a minimum wage guarantee for a worker and his family a decent life with dignity, the Center said that the Labour Act 12 of 2003 established The National Council for the wages his duties; to set a minimum wage on the national level, taking into account living expenses and to find means and measures that ensure a balance between wages and prices,it is a provision that the government deliberately neglected to apply ,

so we asked the court to stop the implementation of the negative decision to refrain from setting a minimum fair wage.

And after the meetings that deliberated the case for almost a year the Administrative Judicial Court issued its ruling to halt implementation of this negative resolution With its consequent effects most particularly ,compel the defendants to set a minimum fair wage.

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