Tuesday, May 25, 2010

. Special operations room ..and temporary detention rooms

Within the framework of actions by the Israeli government to prevent the "fleet of freedom" from reaching the shores of the Gaza Strip, Today it is announced in Israel:Forming a joint  comprised command  unit of representatives from the Ministries of Foreign and Internal Security Agency (Shin Bet) and also the Department of Homeland Security will take from the port Ashdod on the Mediterranean  as a base!!!

Israel Radio broadcast what he described as sources informed that part of the Ashdod port had been evacuated of merchant ships and they established a temporary detention rooms for participants in the fleet and prevent Palestinian workers from entering the port until further notice!!!

According to Israel's second television channel :the Israeli government has given clear orders to intercept the convoy of ships once they enter territorial waters and prevent them from follow-up to sail to Gaza, whatever the cost is! "

Reported that the Israeli government consultations on multiple ministerial levels.. And that "unity of shared command" currently resides in the Port of Ashdod and arranges the necessary aspects where the participants on the board of those ships will be arrested
and bring the m to Israel and to investigate them…. Providing the "Israeli citizenship" among them to the judiciary and the trial

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